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Hotel Cabernet Villánykövesd

Dear Visitor! Welcome to the website of Hotel Cabernet!

Are you looking for accommodation in the Villány Wine Region? Would you like to experience the authentic atmosphere of the Villány Wine Region? Do you desire colourful programmes, or do you feel like spending an evening full of joys and entertainment in the Hungarian capital of red wines? Would you like to get to know wines you will not find on the shelves of Tesco?

If what you are looking for is not only an accommodation but also a leisure activity full of experiences in the Villány Wine Region, and if you would answer with ’yes’ to the questions above, then please read our special introduction including 10 points in which we briefly recount, based on feedbacks, why our regulars come back to us.

(If you are interested in the equipment of the 25 rooms of the hotel, the size of the conference hall, the capacity of the cellar restaurant or other technical information, please read the article entitled Hotel Cabernet.)

10 things our regulars like and which make us believe that Hotel Cabernet is the best starting point if you would like to discover the Villány Wine Region with your friends/family/colleagues.

1. Our hotel awaits guests seeking relaxation and accommodation in Villány directly next to the 3-tiered, cosy cellar-row which is a protected monument. You only have to walk 50 metres, and you will get to the most beautiful, picturesque cellar-row of the wine region.

2. Even if the cellars are already closed, you do not have to worry, because Hotel Cabernet is run by a winemaker family - Mokos Family Winery -  and in the cellar restaurant of our hotel or on its Tuscan-style terrace you always have an opportunity to sip the best wines of the wine region (even at 4 a.m.).

3. At our family-run homestead, besides winemaking, we also deal with fruit-growing and animal husbandry, so you can taste our own jams made from 100 % fruit, our own stifolder and cheese at the buffet breakfast, or, in the summer season, the fresh fruits of our fruit gardens.

4. We process fruits not only in the form of jam or pálinka, but we also produce special fruit wines (sour cherry, cherry, plum, apricot and peach wines) unique in the whole Villány Wine Region, and they are also made from 100 % fruit. Our wines are available to our guests at the best price, at producer price, (even lower than the webshop price).

5. Our wines are not mass-produced, so you will not find them on the shelves of Tesco or Auchan. Besides small wine bars, we sell wine mostly on the spot, and we put great emphasis on creating personal relations with consumers.

6. As we think that each of our guests deserves services of the highest quality, that is why if you do not arrive at our hotel in a group or during a busy period, e.g. on a weekday, we organise our wine tasting and estate visiting programmes even for 2 persons.

7. At our hotel and in our winery family members and colleagues living in the wine region work, that is why you can have a glimpse of the life of a winemaker family and the people of the wine region. We are happy to talk to anyone about our wines, our everyday life, events in the wine region, or any other topics about the wine region you are interested in.

8. Our aim is to make our guests familiar with as many aspects of the Wine Region as possible, that is why we constantly monitor the events and programmes in the wine region about which our guests can get information on our website, in our newsletter, and at the reception. We organise unique programmes (e.g. wine dinners, pig roasting, horse carriage rides with pálinka tasting, boat excursions, etc.) only for our guests who stay at our hotel.

9. In Villánykövesd your children will not be bored, either! If you arrive with children, please read more about our Family Discounts here!

10. If you arrive with a large group of friends/ colleagues / business partners, please read more, and you will find out what surprises we have in store for our guests arriving with a group.

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